We are on our way!

We did it!  It’s been almost four years in the planning.  It’s been eight months since we first saw this boat for the first time.  Eight months since we took that first ride on a cool fall afternoon on the Mystic River.  Eight months since we decided to take the plunge and buy it and name her AfterMath.  But today we left that dock in Mystic for the last time.

It’s amazing to think of all we have done to get ready for today.  All the work we have done, all the possessions we have sold and given away, all the time and effort we put into getting this boat ready for us to move on to, and all the work we have done since we moved aboard.  But today we are on our way!

The morning started early with John doing last-minute tasks and me driving to the post office one last time and then heading to the Honda dealer to drop off my car.  That process was painless and quick and a very nice young lady drove me back to the marina.  Soon we were ready to go and about five of the people who we had become friendly with on the dock showed up to help untie us and set us off.  One lady video taped our departure on her iPad.  There were a lot of nice people at the marina who were supportive of and excited about our adventure.

Our trip today lasted about three and one half hours and was, thankfully, completely uneventful.  John drove from the pilot house and, for a good part of the time, I sat on the bow and enjoyed the sunshine.  It’s still pretty cool out on the water, but Kirby and Jake love being out there so much while we are moving that I didn’t have the heart to make them come in.  I have finally decided that Jake is perfectly safe out there as he stands at the bow with all four feet on the ground, but Kirby loves to prop his front feet up on the edge and it still makes me nervous.  Thankfully, he loves to sit with me on the bench in front of the pilot house and cuddle up, so I am happy to oblige to keep him from falling over.  Tonight we decided we would add an extra life line on the bow that should keep him from hanging over quite so much.  Both dogs wore their life jackets today, which is quite a sight!  I’ll have to document that in a picture tomorrow!

We arrived in Westbrook at about 4:00 and anchored easily.  It was my first time at the controls and I think I passed the test.  We bought wireless headphones so we can talk to each other instead of just using hand signals, and that was a big help.  John didn’t have to wave frantically as I could easily ask him if he wanted me to go faster and he could tell me which way to turn without having to be frustrated.  They will be money well spent !!!

IMG_1977IMG_1982 After anchoring it was time for a celebratory cocktail.  The dogs both plopped themselves down on the bow and soaked in the sun while we finally felt a little warm air and watched the sailboats heading out for their race.  John then grilled some steaks on the new grill and we had dinner waiting for sunset.  It was a wonderful day with a glorious end and we are finally feeling that we are really on our way.

Carol DeRoche sent me this quote from Mark Twain that really sums up how we feel about our life right now:“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”  Such a perfect thought for our trip.  Please, everyone, live your dreams.  You will never be sorry.

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