Rock Hall, MD, A Little Town but a Lot of Fun (July 13 – July 18, 2017)

Just a short trip away from Baltimore’s busy Inner Harbor is a small town by the name of Rock Hall. Established in 1707, Rock Hall is a quaint fishing town that caters to boaters and visitors. In fact, there are only about 1300 residents in Rock Hall, and boat slips outnumber the population. We looked forward to arriving in port here as we had arranged to meet our dear friends, Ned and Anne, who we hadn’t seen for a year and a half. They were on their way from Florida to Connecticut and we couldn’t have been more excited about seeing them as they passed through.

IMG_9677Spending time with Ned and Anne.  It had been far too long.

Ned and Anne picked us up at the Harbor Haven Marina and we traveled to the nearby town of Chestertown for lunch, an afternoon of looking around town, a visit back at their hotel, and then a lovely dinner back in Rock Hall. We had so much catching up to do that our time with them just flew by. When we lived in Florida we saw Ned and Anne every week or two, so we have really missed them. As with all good friends, though, the time apart just vanished, and it was just like old times: laughing, joking, and thoroughly enjoying each other’s company.

IMG_4162Waiting on the porch of the Haven Harbor Marina for the trolley to pick us up to go to town.IMG_4163Scenes around the town of Rock Hall, MDIMG_4164IMG_4165IMG_4166IMG_4169IMG_4171IMG_4172IMG_4173IMG_4177IMG_4180IMG_4183

The next day was a day of questionable weather. Storms were predicted and thunder was in the distance. We stayed at our dock in Haven Harbor and I was able to use the pool there. The water in the Chesapeake just isn’t like the water in the Caribbean, so I am always happy to have pool time to soak and swim. We didn’t want to miss the town here, though, so on Saturday, June 15th, we got up early and caught the trolley that takes visitors to town from the marina. It is a tiny town and we enjoyed strolling around and getting an iced coffee at the local coffee shop.

IMG_9659Toboggan coming to meet us.IMG_9666On board Tangent coming to AfterMathIMG_9692Sarah, Walt, and FordIMG_9732Ford is a happy little guy!IMG_9749-EditRush loved laying in the pilothouse berth.IMG_9756Happy boys on the trolley.IMG_9765Here’s Jeff.  Everyone enjoyed eating ice cream on a hot day.IMG_9770IMG_9771IMG_9778IMG_9789Hanging out at the marinaIMG_9779IMG_9799A little cuddle and relaxing time for Walt and Bop.

Back at the marina, we decided to move to a mooring and work on some projects that needed our attention. I had some sewing to do and John had a list that needed attacking. We let Jeff and Sarah know where we were as we were just a short distance away from their house and they said they would come visit us on their boat, Toboggan, the next day. Sunday turned out to be a wonderful day with Jeff, Sarah, and the boys. We took the dinghy in to shore so the boys could ride the trolley and so we all could get some ice cream to cool us off on the hot summer day. Time was spent swimming and visiting aboard AfterMath before they had to leave to return to Annapolis. All in all it was one of those days we will remember always. The boys were so cute and so excited to come visit and we loved having family close enough by that it was possible.

When Monday came knew we really needed to get some projects done, so we remained on the mooring for one more night.  I was busy again with sewing projects and John was busy with working on his never ending list of chores.  It was a good day to get work done and we realized that we probably need to take days like this more often.  Although it must seem to many that our life is one of leisure, and it certainly is wonderful, there are still chores to be done, just as in a land based home!

Today we move along, but we will leave with fond memories of friends, fun, and family.  The five days here flew by; maybe we will be back someday to once again enjoy the quaint and lovely town of Rock Hall.

Here is where you will find Rock Hall, MD:





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