Port Louis Marina, St. Georges, Grenada in the West Indies (September 26, 2016)

We have been living at Port Louis Marina for three months now and, up until now, I haven’t really taken pictures of this lovely place. So, before the time escapes me and it is time to leave, here is where we have made our home for the hurricane season.

img_4799img_4802From the hill on the property.img_4805img_4809This gorgeous old tree sits overlooking the marina.  It is a silk cotton tree and is probably 200 years old.img_4796YOLO is a sushi and stir fry restaurant and it serves delicious food.img_4824The Victory Bar and Grill is another great restaurant on the property.img_4800No one seems too sure of what this building is, but it is in the center of everything.img_4798The ladies here do a great job with laundry.img_4810It has been very dry lately so the field has yellowed, but it is a beautiful walk through to the small beach at Port Louis.img_4811The cliff near the beach.img_4812Looking out to the anchorages.img_4814Looking toward Grand Anse.img_4817The Carenage from the Port Louis Marina beachimg_4818Looking out to the Caribbean Sea.img_4821Scenes around the marina.img_4822img_4826My favorite spot in the marina and where I spend hours just about every day.img_4827Customs and Immigration offices.img_4829The ATM and the marina office.img_4831Colorful little shops and businesses along the docks.img_4834img_4837img_4828img_4832That’s Ed on Slowdown out of Houston, TX.  He caught me taking pictures and posed for a shot.img_4838This is J Dock where AfterMath hangs out.img_4844And AfterMath next to Tropical Blend.  Close quarters, but friendly company!

2 thoughts on “Port Louis Marina, St. Georges, Grenada in the West Indies (September 26, 2016)

  1. Your pictures are awesome. We are so happy for you and John. We’re living your experience through your blog. FYI I bought a mirrorless camera and picked up an additional lens today.


  2. Wow – great pictures! Back here in Canada we are still enjoying nice weather but nothing like what I see in your pictures. We are coming on to our last weekend on our boat ‘Knot a Chance’ as snow and cold will be coming our way soon enough!! Looking forward to more from you in your sunny sunny locations over our winter months 😆


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