A Bat Festival, A Visit with Susan and Dick, Veterans Day, A Big Promotion, and an 8th Birthday (October 16 – November 15, 2019)

When we were on the go all of the time, when we were in and out of the country, or even up and down rivers and the coast, what we missed the most was being able to spend time with our family and friends. Now that we are more grounded, although still afloat, we take the opportunities to visit, to do things, and to witness what we missed over the past years. Again, in this mostly photographic journal, we document another month of important events in our lives and that of our friends, children, and grandchildren.

Over the summer, we were able to have Madison and Michaela each spend a day with us, and then we took off to Jacksonville for boat maintenance. Carter patiently awaited his turn to spend the night on AfterMath, and finally the day came. How we loved having this adorable little boy to keep us company! Each time we had one of the kids, we tried to find something special to do. Carter had requested Legos on his arrival, and his wish was granted. The next day we took off for the Pinball Palace, and what fun that was!
Several weeks before the actual date, Kelly asked me if I would like to go to a bat festival in Gainesville, FL. It would be hard to say no to an adventure like that, of course, so on October 26th, off we went. The bats were great and so were all of the activities for the kids.
Next up, in our line of events, was a visit aboard AfterMath from our dear friends, Susan and Dick. We have been trying for a visit for such a long time and it finally happened! We had so much fun having them with us. Of course, we had to go to Driftwood Beach!
Brunswick was having a Porch Fest the weekend Dick and Susan were with us. Bands played at varying times on porches throughout the historic district of town. Only in its second year, the festival was just amazing and so much fun. We can’t wait for next year and I think Susan and Dick will be back for it again.
Soon it was Veterans’ Day and I asked Kelly if she and the kids would like to go to the parade that was held on St. Simon’s Island to celebrate the day. It was a typical small town parade and lots of fun.
The next big event was in the U. S. Capitol. Jeff received a promotion to Commander in the Coast Guard. What an amazing day that was! We were given a wonderful private tour of the building and were able to watch, with great pride, as our son moved up in the ranks. The kids were absolutely adorable as they saw the Capitol for the first time and watched the ceremony of the promotion.
Next up, Walter’s 8th birthday. Instead of a big party, he asked Jeff to take his friend and him fishing. When they got back, there was plenty of cake and snacks for everyone waiting.
The next day was my kind of fun! Off to downtown Annapolis to take photos for the annual Christmas Card.
Before we returned to Georgia, there was one more thing to see. Rush is playing hockey this year and we got such a kick out of watching him on the ice!

As we look back at these pictures from over the past several months, we fully appreciate the times we spend with our family. Somehow it never seems like enough, though. Our arms itch to hold the kids again, to talk with them, to read them stories, to explore the world, and to give them kisses. They are growing up so quickly. In the blink of an eye, they will be off to college and beyond. We take such pleasure in the calls and videos we get. We are so lucky to be grandparents to these wonderful children and to be able to watch them grow and prosper.

Also, looking back at these times, we know we are fortunate to have such wonderful children who are happy and healthy. We love knowing that they have careers that they enjoy and that they are all doing well with them. We know, too, that we are lucky to have good friends that mean so much to us and who are willing to visit aboard. Life really is good – and we are still enjoying Life on AfterMath.

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