Life Continues Aboard AfterMath (August 15 – October 15, 2019)

Procrastination is a terrible thing.  I usually do not procrastinate, but when I do, it’s because I have let things get too far away from me.  For those of you wondering where we are now, I will tell you that we are still living aboard AfterMath.  So much, yet so little has happened, it seems.  Over the next couple of weeks, I will try to catch up, mostly in picture form, as to where we have been and as to what the future holds.  I have always said that this blog was more a journal for me than anything else, and I do want to continue to document our Life on AfterMath until we move back to land, whenever that may be.

While still in Jacksonville, FL for annual maintenance, I enjoyed walks through the nearby nature park.
Back at the dock at Lamb’s Yacht Center, we enjoyed watching this gentleman paint the name on this boat.
The name is complete!
While we were at Lamb’s, Hurricane Dorian became a threat. Jacksonville brought their fireboats to the marina for safe storage. This is just one of four boats near us. We were even able to tie up to their 75′ fireboat, and, therefore, we were very well protected and completely safe.
One day, while still in Jacksonville, we decided to take a sightseeing trip to Green Cove Springs, which, while we are living aboard, is our legal residence. Although we had toured our mail forwarding service on 411 Walnut Street there, we had never taken time to see the town. It was a lovely place to visit!
Back to the pretty shrimp boats so common in the Brunswick area.
Just a couple of days after I got back from Virginia, John and I took a trip to Orlando to visit with Jason, Lisa, and Jace. Jason and Lisa treated us to a wonderful character breakfast where the food was great and we had as much fun as Jace did seeing all of the the famous Disney clan.
Of course, it is always interesting to go out to see how they are doing with the Golden Ray project. This was taken on Jekyll Island. From Jekyll, you see the colorful bottom of the ship.
Early October brought the Coast Fest in the park adjacent to Brunswick Landing Marina, our home base since May.
The same day as our adventure with Rick and Tammy, we headed out to Jekyll Island with more new friends, Don and Carol. It was to be the night of a super moon, and we invited them to join us as Don is a fellow photographer.

So, for the months between mid-August and mid-October, some of our time was spent in Jacksonville and some back in Brunswick, Georgia. We have loved touring the Golden Isles, as this area which includes Jekyll Island, St. Simon’s Island, and Brunswick, is called, and have really begun to appreciate the marshes, the waters, and the islands here. More travels and experiences are to come, so be prepared to see our further adventures in posts over the next several days.

5 thoughts on “Life Continues Aboard AfterMath (August 15 – October 15, 2019)

  1. Hi Guys: Great to hear from you. We thought you had become land lovers by now. Ned and Anne usually give us updates as well but have not heard from them for a while. As you know us retired people seem to run out of time because of our busy lives lol. Keep us updated. Jay and Sharyn

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  2. Hello Brat Daigle, missed our 13th communication but understand the beauty of living life in retirement. Days just drift away like billowing clouds in the sky. I have been looking at properties in St. Marys, St. Simon, … all is good in West Lafayette with cold temperatures and cloudy winter days. That’s Northern Indiana. So glad to get your post, now give us all an update on what you two lovebirds have really been doing. We love ya, cheers and Happy New Year 2020! 🌹🤗😘 Brat Indiana.


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