Getting Antsy in Antigua (January 6, 2017 – January 18, 2017)

It’s hard to believe isn’t it? I mean, just hearing the name “Antigua” brings thoughts of palm trees, warm sunny days with cool ocean breezes, hundreds of beautiful beaches, blue skies and aqua water. Who in their right mind would be anxious to leave all that? Why would anyone be impatient with staying in a place that completely fits that description? Well, believe us. We are ready to go. We have places to get to and wanderlust has stricken. We need to get out of here, but the winds and waves have not cooperated over the last couple of weeks. They have held us captive to our Jolly Harbour Marina and we are getting antsy.

Colorful little beach shacks.img_6232Just another day at the beach.img_6236img_6239img_6240

img_6214Noi had her hair braided a couple of weeks ago and was ready to get rid of the braids and the extensions.  It turned into a three hour group project, but it kept us busy!img_6244Diane and Debbie working on the braids.img_6247Noi was frizzy when those braids came out, but it’s all back to normal now.img_6256We celebrated Larry’s birthday with a lobster bisque dinner followed by cake and ice cream.

We both suffered horrible colds when we arrived back from the states, so if there was good to be said about being here longer than we would have liked, at least we had lots of time to rest. We are feeling better now, thankfully, so to pass the time we have read, played around on the internet when the intermittent Wi-Fi was working, enjoyed happy hours with friends, had a couple of dinners out, traveled to town to buy lobsters and cooked them with our friends, celebrated Larry’s birthday, and, of course, spent time on the beach.

img_6266Betty’s Hope is an old sugar mill.  These are remnants of the master’s house.img_6272img_6302Enjoying our time together.  Left to right, Jack, Jean, Me, John, Carl, and Annimg_6303The goats came to join the picnic area.img_6309Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.img_5889Eric Clapton’s Antigua home.img_6319From the same point as the previous photo, the view from Shirley Heights, the Caribbean Sea.  Large sunset parties are held here every Sunday night.  Cruisers tell us it is too crowded for comfort, but, obviously, it must be gorgeous.  The harbors here are English Harbour and Falmouth Harbour.img_5900img_6321These are the sail pillars at Nelson’s Dockyard in English Harbour.img_6325Nelson’s Dockyard has museums, shops, and lovely areas to see the mega-yachts docked there.img_6327Never beyond a little silliness!!

Yesterday, Tuesday the 17th, just when we were really getting impatient I received a text from my brother, Jack. He and my sister-in-law, Jean, were traveling on a cruise with another couple.  Their ship was diverted from their planned stop in Montserrat to Antigua because the water was too rough at the anchorage. We were thrilled to be able to meet with them at the cruise dock and take an afternoon tour of the island, guided by our friendly taxi driver, Gene. We had a wonderful time seeing some of the sights we had not yet explored and being with Jack, Jean, Ann, and Carl.

It seems that Friday will finally be the day our little flotilla will pull out of the docks and continue on our northbound trek, and we are all busy stocking the cabinets and freezers again with supplies, completing projects such as oil changes, replenishing battery water, filling water tanks, and other endless tasks that need to be done before we leave. We can’t wait to get going again. Antigua, you were great, but it is time to leave!

2 thoughts on “Getting Antsy in Antigua (January 6, 2017 – January 18, 2017)

  1. So neat to see the photos. We actually lly shared some beverages at the restaurant at Nelsons dockyard. Nice for us to remember fun with our friends in Antigua. Thanks for making that happen!


  2. Sounds like you’re ready to move on. Sorry to hear you caught colds w hen you were home. Lots of kids sick this year. I’m glad you’re moving on so we can chat. Talk to you next week. By the way, clapton’s house looks amazing. Funny what money can do for one!!!

    On Wednesday, January 18, 2017, Life on AfterMath wrote:

    > debdaigle posted: “It’s hard to believe isn’t it? I mean, just hearing the > name “Antigua” brings thoughts of palm trees, warm sunny days with cool > ocean breezes, hundreds of beautiful beaches, blue skies and aqua water. > Who in their right mind would be anxious to leave all ” >


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