The Faces of Grenada

Tonight is the last night we will be at J Dock in Port Louis Marina.  Tomorrow we will have the bottom scrubbed one last time and then we will move to a temporary dock for the night in preparation for leaving the island on Saturday morning.  I can’t think of a better tribute to show you than by giving you the gift of the faces of some of the wonderful people we have met this past summer.  These are just a few of the amazing locals we found on this tropical island of Grenada.  Enjoy, as we did; it’s been wonderful.

img_4059Randy was our first guide on Grenada.  His tour made our whole stay easier as we knew where to go in St. Georges for almost anything we needed.img_4427Carnival came and we loved the costumes and the fun, but the best part was the faces of the children.img_4507

img_5748-editThis little girl’s photo is courtesy of Debbie Gaddy.img_5028Cutty is the guide of choice for most cruisers on Grenada.  He knows so much about the island and the plants that grow here.  We took his tour twice!img_4146Tillman Thomas is a past Prime Minister of Grenada.  He was jailed during the coup but freed when the United States invaded the island.  We met him on one of Cutty’s tours.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy favorite lady at the produce market, Evre.  She would always weigh my vegetables and then add a little more.  img_4884A young man we met on our way to the waterfall.  He has amazing eyes, don’t you think?

img_5032-edit-2This lady has just the best face ever.  I had to buy some limes to get her to let me take her picture  but it was well worth the purchase.  I’m sure she would have stories to tell.img_5038-editThis is Joseph.  He has a jewelry stand in the market place and actually made Karen a bracelet from some driftwood.  img_5035Not much to tell about this man who was really just trying to get me to give him some cash.  I gave him 2 EC but at least got to take his picture!img_4877-2This is the man who let me hold his pet monkey.  He doesn’t ask for any amount, but will take tips if offered.  It was such a thrill to hold that beautiful creature.img_4842John works at the marina and never was found without a smile on his face.  We will really miss John.img_5119-editThis is John’s wife, Debbie.  We all thought it was fun that they were John and Debbie just like us.img_5118-editHere is John’s daughter, Kayla.  She is 3 and such a beauty.img_5153And this is John’s son, Evan.  He is 7 and is just adorable.img_5147-edit-edit-editA family shot at Port Louis Marina.img_5215-2Marlene also works at Port Louis.  She really loves Kirby and never passed him without giving him a pat.  
img_7678-editThis little boy was swimming off the dock at Coconuts when Debbie Gaddy shot his picture.  Such a gorgeous child!

So now we say goodbye to all of our friends here.  We thank them for allowing us to feel like Grenada was home and we send hugs and kisses to all of them as we take our leave.  Grenada, you are wonderful.

3 thoughts on “The Faces of Grenada

  1. John and Deb! What wonderful faces you have to take back with you!! You have made the best memories!! So where to next?
    Travel safe… and keep all the fabulous photos coming!!


  2. Next is Sandy Island on Carriacou. Although we anchored on the island on the way down we never got off the boat as we were hurrying along. I can’t wait to get back to anchor and exploring the islands of the Grenadines!


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