Getting to Grenada – Our Hurricane Season Home (June 26 – July 3, 2016)

I’ve always wanted “fair winds and calm seas”, the blessing of boaters everywhere, to be our standard. The last few days of our trip south, as we will only travel north from here unless we decide to head south again next year, were as perfect as they could possibly have been. For all of you, especially those that are boaters, who wished us to have fair winds and calm seas, thank you. You, King Neptune, and the Man from Galilee all did your work!

IMG_3879Our last view of the Pitons in St. Lucia

We left St. Lucia very early on June 26th and passed those beautiful Pitons one more time. The weather was beautiful, the seas were flat, and the winds were “fair”, meaning light and perfect. I was able to sit on the bow for the whole trip to the next island we visited, Bequai (pronounced Beck-way), in the Grenadines. We arrived at a lovely anchorage that was not the least bit rolly, and we wished we had more than one night to spend there. However, the weather was so perfect, but only for a few days according to predictions, that we didn’t get to enjoy this island that came highly recommended by many.

IMG_3882Sunset in Carriacou with La Sirena on the right.

The following day we moved on to Carriacou (pronounced Care-a-coo), the first of the three islands that make up the nation of Grenada (along with Petit Martinique and Grenada itself). Once again we had the most perfect conditions we could have hoped for.   I sat on the bow and took in the sun, the scenery and the breeze. It was wonderful.

IMG_3895What could be better than a rainbow greeting us to Grenada?

Finally, on June 28th we reached Grenada and we felt as though we really had met our goal! We are now at 12.06 degrees north latitude; our insurance said we must be at or below 12.30 degrees to be covered. We are now below the normal hurricane belt and in Port Louis Marina in St. George’s, Grenada. In 2004 Hurricane Ivan destroyed St. George’s. It was the first hurricane here in over 50 years. Ironically, this same hurricane hit Florida the first year we lived there and specifically it hit Pensacola where Jeff had just bought a house. He stayed with us then for over a week as he had been evacuated and was not able to return. Now, however, Grenada has recovered, and we are in the new and lovely marina here.

IMG_3898A view from the water at Port Louis MarinaIMG_3903In the Lagoon at St. George’sIMG_3911This, and the next serval pictures, are in the CarenageIMG_3921IMG_3947IMG_3951IMG_3955IMG_3962IMG_3967IMG_3978The lovely beach of Grand AnseIMG_3997IMG_4020IMG_4028Heading back toward the Lagoon along Grand Anse BeachIMG_4033

We took the dinghy out to explore the area a day or two after we arrived. We found the lovely Carenage, a horseshoe shaped harbor in St. George’s, and the beautiful Grand Anse Beach, a 2½ mile long white sand beach nearby. I have been enjoying the pool daily, and also a small black sand beach on the marina’s property. Here almond trees grow wild, dropping almonds everywhere, beautiful Royal Poinciana trees bloom with their bright red flowers, the beaches are gorgeous, boats of every color are anchored in the water, and the people are friendly and cheerful. I can’t wait to explore more of Grenada. It is a beautiful island with a fascinating history and gracious people.

More to follow soon!

Here is where we are now!


One thought on “Getting to Grenada – Our Hurricane Season Home (June 26 – July 3, 2016)

  1. your post just want me to see you in Grenada!! Sounds wonderful and so glad you had fair winds and calm seas😘


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