Martinique (June 14 – June 17, 2016)

Martinique was the next stop after Dominica. It went well except for one rogue wave that slid everything from one side of the cabin to the other. By the time we arrived in St. Pierre after that wave, I was ready for a break while John and Craig went and checked in with customs.

IMG_3763On our way to Martinique.  I love how tiny villages are built into the valleys of the mountains.IMG_4171Diamond Rock

The next morning, we moved to St. Anne, a lovely anchorage.   Just before we arrived in the harbor we saw a huge rock just off shore. It was such a curious looking formation that I couldn’t wait to find out more about it. As it turns out, the British dropped sailors on the rock in 1804 and registered it as a ship, the HMS Diamond Rock. After 17 months, the French were able to overpower the sailors and retake the volcanic peak. It is hard to imagine that people might have lived on Diamond Rock, but men lived in tents in the small caves that are on the faces there.

IMG_3768Sunset from our anchorageIMG_4173A daytime view from our anchorage in St. Anne.  That’s Diamond Rock on the leftIMG_4177The church in St. Anne’s village square.IMG_4181From the dinghy dock.IMG_4188This is a breadfruit.  It’s not big enough to pick yet, but breadfruit is boiled and eaten like a potato.  IMG_4191Some of the homes in St. Anne.  I love the roof and windows.IMG_4192IMG_4195Our view from the lunch time cafe.IMG_4200Entering the river by dinghy.

While in St. Anne, we were able to walk around the small town, have lunch at a café on the water, and take the dinghy for a ride up a river. I also got some time in the water on my pool float, which I tie to the swim platform of AfterMath. I will never stop loving my time when I can lean back and enjoy the crystal clear water of the Caribbean. It was a short visit to Martinique, but we enjoyed our time on this French island. Next up, St. Lucia!


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