Wonderful Times with Family (June 22 – July 9, 2017)

Slowly we progress through the Chesapeake Bay, taking in the sights and scenery. Rivers, creeks, and inlets beg to be explored aboard our dinghy, Tangent. We stop where we like, and stay as long as we like; it’s a joy to be the only boat in an anchorage where we are surrounded by nothing by trees, water, and birds swooping in to pick up their evening meal. But even more wonderful this time was a visit to Annapolis where we docked just two houses away from Jeff’s house and spent priceless time with Jeff, Sarah, Walt, Rush, and Ford, and Kelly, Craig, Michaela, Carter, and Madison. It was a holiday weekend get together that will long be remembered in all of our minds.

IMG_9265Passing the dock where crab boats offload on Tilghman IslandIMG_9269Beautiful lighthouses abound in the Chesapeake BayIMG_9377A serene anchorage on the Wye RiverIMG_9352We love seeing the next generation of boaters at work.IMG_9446A tall ship at work on the bay.IMG_9286Skipjack races.IMG_9311The Chesapeake is filled with sailors.

We left Tilghman Island, Maryland on June 22nd and motored to up the Wye River. The anchorage on the Wye River is a rural as you can get. There are no buildings anywhere, WiFi and cell service are nonexistent, and the only sounds you can hear are birds calling and fish jumping. We spent two nights there before we decided we would move on to Long Hall Creek, an anchorage near St. Michaels. The following day we traveled to Galesville and we spent two nights enjoying dinghy rides and lovely scenery.
Finally, on June 27th, we arrived at Mill Creek, where Jeff and Sarah live. Jeff’s dock is full, but his neighbor, Steve Ormsbee, graciously offered us the use of his dock; we stayed for almost a month in October of 2015. It is such a pleasure to be able to walk up a flight of stairs, go two houses down the road, and be at our son’s house. This time, as we approached our destination, we stopped AfterMath in front of Jeff’s dock and heard joyful calls of “Hi Nana! Hi Bop!” to us from Walt and Rush. John tooted the very loud horn, to the delight of the two little boys, and to the dismay of Kirby, who really dislikes that horn, before we tied the boat up for a week and a half.

madison and fordThis was Madison’s first meeting with her new cousin, Ford, and she was happy to hold him!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACraig, Michaela and Carter at the beach.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARush looking like a surfer dude!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMichaela after a good swim.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe boys working on a construction site.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWalt absolutely loved the waves at the beach.

Kelly and family arrived from Florida on Thursday and soon the activity really began. Jeff had to work and John was busy with tasks on AfterMath, but everyone else enjoyed a picnic trip to Sandy Point Beach in Annapolis on Friday. The waves were bigger and the water was colder than what I have been used to, but the kids had a blast and Craig was the hero of the day, taking the kids out to play in the waves and to ride on the surfboards they brought along. Little baby Ford managed to sleep through his beach day while the others played in the sand, ate sandwiches and snacks, and drank countless glasses of lemonade.

IMG_9401The piper that greeted us at Mount VernonIMG_9404Holding hands with George Washington and family.IMG_9405IMG_9463Michaela aboard Tangent.IMG_9465It’s fun hanging on Toboggan’s anchor chain!IMG_9469That’s Jeff, Rush, and Kelly, with Madison in front.IMG_9474An after-boating snuggle for the boys.IMG_9481And an after-boating snuggle for the Kirk kids and their mom.

Saturday’s excursion took us all to Mount Vernon to see the home of George Washington. We caravanned to the beautiful park and met up with our niece, Sarah, her husband, Jason, and their daughter, Annie. Michaela and Carter are very interested in history and they loved seeing the home of our first president. We all enjoyed walking the grounds, seeing the bed George Washington died in, and just being together. After arriving home from Mount Vernon the children all decided it was time to go boating. Jeff piled most of the group into Toboggan, his lobster type boat, and we took a few more on Tangent. Everyone had a great time swimming, driving the dinghy, and cooling off from the walk around the park. Soon everyone was exhausted and ready for a nice rest back at the house.

IMG_9485Madison really loved that turtle!IMG_9497Madison, Kelly and CarterIMG_9501MichaelaIMG_9503Jeff, Walt and MichaelaIMG_9506CraigIMG_9507Carter started out at the cockpit levelIMG_9510IMG_9519Jeff and Walt floating around.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACraig jumping from the top.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACarter loved jumping from his high position.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMichaela hesitated, but she did it!!IMG_4096Ford taking it easy.IMG_4104We thought we would try to catch crabs in Jeff’s crab traps that had been laying in some poison ivy.  Kelly was brave enough to say she would clean them out.IMG_4107IMG_4114Checking for crabs, but no luck!IMG_4123John and Ford having a conversation.IMG_4125Walt showing Madison how to use chopsticks for kids.IMG_4127Carter loves corn on the cob.IMG_4132Rush seems to love it too!sarah and madisonSarah planned a Moana birthday party for Madison.  She thought Aunt Sarah was the best ever!sarah party


IMG_9524We also celebrated the 4th of July with hats, sunglasses, beads, flags, and glow sticks for all of the kids.IMG_9525IMG_9528IMG_9530A tropical piñata was next on the agenda.

On Sunday, after some excitement playing with a turtle Jeff found in his yard, everyone boarded AfterMath for a short ride and some fun in the water at an anchorage not too far away from Jeff’s house. There the kids swam, again took dinghy rides, floated around in our swim floats, and a few brave souls, Jeff, Craig, Michaela, and Carter, tried their skills jumping from AfterMath’s upper level. The fun continued that evening with a cookout and a celebration of Madison’s fourth birthday. It certainly was a weekend to remember.

IMG_9546Rush, Jeff and Walt on their dinghy.IMG_9552

IMG_9564Rush driving Tangent with Bop

Kelly and Craig left for Florida early Monday morning, but we stayed in Mill Creek a little longer. We continued to do dinghy explorations, this time with Jeff and the bigger boys, trading off kids throughout the trip. Walt and Rush have their sea legs and think nothing of hopping off one boat and onto another. As always, when we are near family, we take advantage of time to borrow a car to re-provision for groceries and anything else we need, too. We enjoyed our time in Annapolis so much, but just wish Jason, Lisa, Ashley and Jace could have joined us too.

IMG_9656This osprey was nesting not more than 10 feet from our fly bridge.  Here she is with her babies the day we left Annapolis.  I’m sure she was more than happy to see us go.

Saturday, July 8th, Jeff and family climbed aboard Prerequisite, and together with AfterMath, we all went back to Galesville for a weekend of fun. We all ate dinner together aboard AfterMath on Saturday night and then I made a pancake breakfast on Sunday. Jeff and Sarah’s friends Chris and Regan Blomshield came from DC to spend the day too, and John and I loved having them come to tour AfterMath; apparently they like to follow this blog and were anxious to see the boat in person.

Finally it was time to say goodbye, but we know we will be seeing everyone again soon. Time with family is so precious, and it never seems to be long enough. There is much to see and much to explore, but we know that our hearts lie with those we love so much.

3 thoughts on “Wonderful Times with Family (June 22 – July 9, 2017)

  1. Your little ones will always remember their fun grandparents. You are living most people’s dream. Love to you both- you Lee awesome!


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