Leaving Catskill – September 26


Sunset at Catskill Marina from our boat.


I had to laugh when this gentleman went by.  I’m not sure if he got the idea of sailing!  (And, yes, there was a breeze.)


What the predictions have been looking like.  One day it was actually 10 foot seas!

This is just a quick post to keep you updated as to where we are.  We have been in Catskill, NY for a little over a week now, but we are leaving this morning.  As I mentioned in our last entry, the weather off the coast of New Jersey has been rough and will remain so until at least Tuesday.  Wednesday is looking pretty good, with seas of only 3 – 4 feet and it seems  we have waited it out.  While we were here, John got lots of big projects done, so he felt our time was definitely not wasted.  I was able to get the dogs off for walks each day and keep up on laundry, and other tasks.  Jack and Jean were especially helpful as they came here on Monday and took me to the store for a major grocery shopping event.  It was wonderful to be able to shop and have a car to transport all of our goods.  They also bought us lunch and we were able to get in a nice visit with them that day.

Today we leave and head south again.  Jeff is planning to meet us for the New Jersey off shore leg and we are so excited that he will be along.  Besides enjoying his company, Jeff has a lot of knowledge and experience and will be a great help if the seas kick up and become nasty again.

We have enjoyed Catskill with its friendly little marina, pretty grounds, and WiFi that worked so well, but it is time to move on.  We will write again soon to let you know how the waves were!

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