Peterborough back to Trenton

I always feel some regret when any part of a trip ends. It was sad to leave the North Channel and the Georgian Bay because I’m not sure we will ever get back there. Of course, it was very sad to see Kelly’s family leave because I love spending time with them and I miss those hugs and kisses and the funny things that can only come from children. Today we left the Trent-Severn Canal for the last time and I felt another pull on my heart that this section of our adventure is complete. There is so much left to do and so many places left to explore, but I can’t help being sorry to see this part end.
IMG_8412 IMG_8422 IMG_8424 IMG_8426


We left Peterborough on Tuesday morning and headed to Hastings, a very small town where we stopped on the way north. Back in the locks again, this time we had only drops to make. Lowering through the locks is much easier than lifting. When we enter to be lowered, the lockmasters take our lines and wrap them around the cable and hand the end back. I can tie my line to the boat and, as long as I am monitoring what is going on, I can pretty much take it easy as we are lowered. John usually holds onto his line because he is in between two cleats, but I have the stern set up so it’s really easy.

IMG_8349 big chute-12 IMG_8436

Wednesday we traveled to a very nice park near Lock 8. The park there is very rural and quiet and we took advantage of not being in any rush the next morning. John worked on the generator, which needed a little maintenance and I enjoyed some time to read and relax. After a picnic lunch we motored for about two hours to Lock 6 in Frankford and spent the night there. It was a full moon last night and I took advantage of the clear sky to get a little photography done. Just before we went to bed, John noticed the little clouds that had developed and the way the moon lit them up. I had to get a few more shots, of course!

Today we re-entered Trenton, where our journey on the Trent-Severn Canal began over a month ago. When we were here last, many people in town talked about the new marina that would be opening soon. It is a town marina and the old one where we stayed last is now closed. The new marina is really beautiful. Although the pictures below were all taken with my iPhone, I wanted to post them for our boating friends who will appreciate the luxury here compared to that of others. I know that some of you have stayed in the town marina before and I thought you might like to see the new building, too.

IMG_1173  big chute-2big chute-3

Beautiful private bathrooms

big chute-7big chute-6

FREE laundry including detergent

big chute-5 big chute-4

A beautiful lounge with a fireplace right near the laundry.

big chute-8

The new building.

IMG_8448 IMG_8444 IMG_8440


Tonight a storm started moving in and the sky changed colors and looks continuously. A rainbow even appeared for a little while.

Now we are preparing for our next set of visitors. Our friend Alex is meeting us in Kingston on Monday along with his two grandchildren, Sasha and Harris. We will traverse the Rideau Canal from south to north from Kingston to Ottawa and then, after they leave, Chris and Sam will join us for the return trip. At the end of August Ned and Anne will come along wherever we are! We are so happy we can share the fun with our friends!

Here are the maps that show where in the world we are today.

big chute-11 big chute

2 thoughts on “Peterborough back to Trenton

  1. Wow, that new Marina looks fantastic. Need one of those in Florida, squadron would enjoy. Keep writing and Be Safe. L&Y


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