NYC to Catskill, NY – and a Family Greeting Along the Way

Now we really feel that our trip has begun! We have entered water we have never traversed before. It is peaceful and beautiful and filled with new discoveries and sights as well as some familiar places and some of our loving family. What could be better? IMG_2197 Our view of the Statue of Liberty from our anchorage. IMG_6924 Leaving the anchorage IMG_2237 Ellis Island

IMG_2253 IMG_2296

The New World Trade Center and the Empire State Building IMG_6937 IMG_2266 IMG_6952 We left our perfect little anchorage yesterday morning and started our journey up the Hudson River. The night before was beautiful. We could see the Statue of Liberty, the Verrazano Narrows Bridge and the new World Trade Tower lit up from our boat. I will always be amazed at that anchorage and I know how lucky we were to be there. As we pulled away we again passed the statue and then headed out past Ellis Island and then onto the Hudson. Although there were lots of barges and water taxis, we had no trouble at all navigating through that busy area. I sat on the bow with cameras in hand while John did all the driving.   I marveled at the new World Trade Tower, the Empire State Building and the skyline in general from our boat. IMG_2315 IMG_2337 IMG_2341 IMG_2355 So many trains!  They remind me of my little grandsons that love trains so much. IMG_2356 IMG_6970 IMG_6963 IMG_2363

West Point Military Academy


Another view of West Point

IMG_2380 IMG_2385 Cold Spring Harbor IMG_2402 It seemed like no time at all until we were past the busy city and into the beautiful Palisades with its rock cliffs that fall straight into the Hudson. The sun finally came out and the day was gorgeous. We passed under the Tappan Zee Bridge and before long we were in the volcanic hills of the Catskills. This is water we had never boated on and it was breathtakingly beautiful. It is really undeveloped with just little villages along the way. We bought some fuel in Haverstraw, NY, which was just south of West Point, and we continued past Cold Spring Harbor and up to Hyde Park where we docked for the night at a tiny little marina where the people couldn’t have been friendlier if they tried. IMG_2428 IMG_2429 IMG_2436 IMG_2443 Cheryl and friend waving to greet us. cropped-aftermath-030-2.jpg Photo courtesy of Cheryl O’Dell IMG_2451

Saugerties Light House – a bed and breakfast

After a good night’s sleep, we started out early this morning towards our destination of Catskill, NY.   While we were riding my niece, Cheryl, texted and asked me to let her know when we were near the Kingston Bridge because she wanted to go to a park nearby and wave at us as we passed. Soon my brother, Jack, called and said he and Jean would be out there to greet us too. We, of course, loved the idea. What a thrill it was to see them waving enthusiastically from shore! Even better, Cheryl brought out her camera to take pictures of us as we went by and Jack videoed us as well. IMG_2470 The greeting committee at Catskill Marina.  There are 13 of those babies! IMG_7009 The view from the bow of our boat while we are docked.  Gorgeous.

It was a beautiful ride up to this well protected and very scenic marina. Once here we were able to stretch our legs and take the dogs on a walk to town. The marina has a beautiful shady yard along with a picnic area covered by a tent, a swimming pool, and a fire pit. It is too chilly here for the pool, but it’s nice to have a place for the dogs to roll around in the grass and for us to sit on chairs on the lawn. We look forward to tomorrow afternoon when Jack, Jean, and Cheryl and Tim and the girls come to see AfterMath for the first time. We will leave early Saturday and make our way further north. We should be entering the Erie Canal soon! We are on our way.

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  1. What a great post and super pictures! I’m going to call you tomorrow. School is finally over — thank goodness! I will tell you about the talk I had with the principal. Love s

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