Life Long Friends and Little Improvements

Do you remember your very first best friend? The one you shared every secret with? Did that friend last your lifetime? And if you take your really true long time friends, how many years of friendship can you add up? This was a week of sharing our new life with friends and family who have been a part of our lives for so many years it’s almost unimaginable.


This smile is one I’ve known for 58 years!!


When I met Chris, we were in kindergarten. We have been friends forever. As little girls we spent countless hours at each other’s houses. We knew every member of each other’s families and I even remember Chris coming on vacation with us one summer, but, aside from Christmas cards, we sort of lost touch over the past several years. I sent her a change of address card, though, when we left Florida and one day, while we were still in the cabin before moving on the boat, she called.   As with all true friends, it seemed as if no time had passed. We vowed to see each other soon and before I knew it, on Wednesday, she and her husband Sam were on our boat. We had so much fun together. We caught up on all the happenings with kids and pets and family and had just a wonderful time. I kept thinking about that old song about keeping old friends – they truly are golden (and, yes, we were girl scouts together)!


On Friday Ned came to visit. Ned worked with John years ago and he and Anne became our good friends many years ago. Ned has a house in CT and Anne has a house in St. Petersburg, FL. We used to visit in Connecticut, but when we moved to Florida our friendship really took off. Countless dinners were shared with Ned and Anne over the years and we really miss seeing them on the almost weekly basis that happened whenever they were both in Florida. Ned was in Connecticut this week so he came to check out the boat and to take us to lunch. Now, the truth is, Ned and Anne taught me to love Manhattans, so I had to have one ready for him when he showed up to see AfterMath!


Our next visit was on Saturday from Vera and Rolf. We have known the Redins for almost 40 years and they were part of our “Gourmet Group”. Our kids grew up together and they are some of our dearest friends. We are really more family than just friends as we all know each other so well and love each other so much. Vera and Rolf now live in North Carolina, but they were in Connecticut this week and came to Mystic to check out our new home. We loved having them here!


IMG_1484IMG_1483  IMG_1485


IMG_1500 IMG_1493

Today we were treated to more visitors. John’s brother, Chris, and family came to see the boat. We had so much fun having Chris and Chris and their three girls, Jessica, Amanda and Caitlyn, come visit us here. If we hadn’t been at the dock, I’m quite sure those girls would have been diving off the top of AfterMath! John and I just love those young ladies and we really enjoyed their visit. The family came bearing pizza and they made Mother’s Day come to life! Of course, I did get to talk to all of my kids and really, and I had a wonderful day.

As for boat news, after Jake falling in a total of four times, we bought a boarding ramp that is perfect. Not only can the dogs walk on it, but so can we and the trauma of the dogs ending up in the water seems to have ended! We have also been working on upgrading the electronics. We have a new computer and navigation software that is constantly updated to keep us safe.

Tomorrow is an exciting day! Alex Jakimenko is coming to the boat. Our very first sailing trip to the Virgin Islands was with Alex and his wife Marty, along with another couple, the Grady’s, and a lot of sailing on Solitude was with him. So, tomorrow, Alex will accompany us as we venture out of Mystic for the first time on AfterMath. We will be returning to the dock as we are still waiting for the dinghy, but we are excited to be taking the boat out for a ride.

So many years of friendship! I sat tonight thinking of the number of years I have known all of those who have visited us over the past couple of weeks and I am astounded. Counting each family only once, when I add the number of years I have known Carol and Jim, Kathy and Steve and family, Becky and Judd, Chris and Sam, Ned and Anne, Vera and Rolf, Chris and Chris, and Alex and Marty, I come up with 347 years of friendship. It’s so wonderful to have so many life long friends. We love you all!

4 thoughts on “Life Long Friends and Little Improvements

  1. Brat, you have to be a friend to have a friend and the reflection of 347 years of friendships reminds us all, of how lucky we are to have you both as a friends. 🙂 Carry on


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