The First Few Days Aboard

We had waited for this day forever it seemed; the day we would finally move aboard. Yet, for some reason, we slept in and drank our coffee before we started packing up at the cabin. We had to be out by noon, and we were, but it was fully 12 o’clock before we finally left the little house on the lake. John made a trip to the boat with most of our things earlier because there just wasn’t room for Kirby and Jake in the car with all we had with us.

Before we could board for good, we stopped at West Marine to buy life jackets for both dogs and at the hardware store for a mat that they could use as their yard. We were worried about getting Jake on board. The boat sits very high above the water, the stairs to the side are very steep, and, unfortunately, the boat was in bow first which meant there was no hope of getting them on from the swim platform. Turning the boat around before the dogs got here was not possible because we were wedged in next to another boat. We knew Kirby could get on easily and, at 35 pounds, could be lifted off if need be, but Jake weighs in at about 90 pounds, doesn’t move like he used to, and is a lot harder to handle in these situations. The life jackets afforded us a handle to help with lifting as well as some safety if they should fall in the water, although they are both very good swimmers.

FullSizeRender-12 IMG_0881-2

Finally the time came. We were ready. Our fears about getting on were pretty much unfounded as Kirby bounded up the stairs and Jake managed them just fine. Kirby flew around the boat going up and down every set of stairs in it while Jake needed a little more encouragement to ascend and descend the sets. Thankfully, they quickly settled in. However, neither one was very impressed with their AstroTurf yard. It took 17 hours for Jake to finally give in and use it, but Kirby was having none of it at all. We tried to wait him out, but John just felt too bad for the little guy so he called Kelly who gave him some encouragement, and then he carried him down the steps and out to relief.

IMG_0891-2 IMG_0894

Of course, the biggest adjustment was for the dogs. John and I had no trouble getting comfortable. Although there is still a lot to learn, AfterMath is a boat and we love being on the water. To make it even better after moving on Thursday, Jeff came to visit us for the weekend. He arrived Friday night and stayed until Sunday. We would have loved to have his whole family here, but this time it didn’t work out. The good thing was, though, that John and Jeff got lots of tasks done and we had so much fun visiting with our youngest son. Jeff is great company, very handy, and has a wealth of boat knowledge, so the whole visit was wonderful. Also, while he was here, the boat next to us left and we were able to turn AfterMath around so that we could get the dogs off using the swim platform. It’s so much better now that they are able to go for walks and I think we all feel so relieved for them.



AfterMath is all the way down at the end of this dock, and then around the corner!

IMG_1260 IMG_1259


That’s AfterMath in the center of the back row.


Spicer’s Marina in Noank, CT is a large marina with over 600 boats in the summer. Right now there are about 300 boats between the docks and on land. Our dock is just about as far from the parking lot as you can get! When the weather is nice, the walk to land is a pleasant one, but when it’s as windy and cold as it has been this year, we think twice every time we have to leave our cozy boat. As for the actual living on the boat, it is very home like. Everything we could need or want is right here onboard. I did a large shopping on Friday to stock our kitchen, and the stove and microwave/convection oven work beautifully. The freezer and refrigerator are great and John is working out a few kinks with the icemaker, but I think he has it running well now. We have not tried the washer/dryer yet, but that will be soon.

IMG_1315 with line-Edit-2

Our planned route seems to be of interest to a lot of people. The bright yellow line on this map shows what our dream route will be. Of course, anything is subject to change at any time, so we will keep you updated as to where we are and when.

Our planned route from now through December looks like this:

IMG_1315 with line-Edit

Just a couple of pictures from around the outside of the boat.

IMG_1296 IMG_1297 IMG_1310 IMG_1302

Kirby loves watching the sea gulls bomb the docks with their clams to break them open.  Here is a picture at sunset one night and one of the bomb zone!

kirby IMG_1284

We will be busy with visitors for a few days now, so we will update you with pictures of our guests soon!

2 thoughts on “The First Few Days Aboard

  1. Looks like a pre- Derby Party is underway on Aftermath. Streaking up the mast may be prohibited out there in the big blue. We’ll be betting the horses and wishing you smooth sailing. Aftermath is a beauty both inside and out. You two make me proud! I’m looking forward to Jacobs ladder. 🙂


    • Ha, Brat! That’s it! They must have been getting ready for the Derby! It should have been mint juleps for those guys. Thank goodness no one mentioned streaking that night!! Good luck on the horses. May your pick be the winner. Love you!


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