Let the Whirlwind Begin!!


We are so many steps closer now!  The house is sold!  It was on the market less than 40 days when we received an offer we couldn’t refuse.  The only issue is that it was for a quick closing!  At first the buyers wanted to close on March 13, but we were able to negotiate an extra week. HOWEVER,,,, that means we had less than three weeks from the acceptance of the offer till we have to be out of here!!!!  Given that we had an inspection on Wednesday, and they had till today to refuse or renegotiate, we feel that we are now in for a warp speed clearing out!  Thankfully, because John spent way more time than the average person getting the house ready, the inspector must not have found much because the buyers didn’t ask for one single adjustment.

We have also sold our airplane – a bittersweet experience for John, I believe.  He will get another plane some day, I am sure.  The Toyota MR2 Spyder was sold, and now it seems we have agreements on both Boston Whalers.  This weekend we will sell whatever furniture we can to neighbors.  We have already sold a patio set, my Adirondack chair, a chair from the den, and assorted decorative items.  I am guessing that, before we know it, we will be sleeping on the floor until the 20th!

Our trip north will begin right after the closing.  We will impose on Kelly and family for a few days, then visit friends in North Carolina, then off to stay with Jeff and family for a few more days.  After that I expect we will do a VRBO for a couple of weeks while we start getting AfterMath ready.  The plan is to then take a shorter trip – maybe to Block Island to try out the boat before we start our journey up the Hudson and into Canada.  It’s hard to believe it is really all happening!  We have been living a whirlwind life, and it is about to get even crazier until we settle aboard in April.

2 thoughts on “Let the Whirlwind Begin!!

  1. It is getting exciting! I just signed up to follow up…a first for me! 🙂 Looking forward to hearing about your adventures. Best of luck and happy travels!


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